Corporate Outings Northern Ireland

Blue Sky Thinking, literally!

Have you and your work colleagues ever thought what it must feel like to fly?

Now you actually can. Moonjumper International allows you to enjoy the ultimate adrenaline rush with the full team at work.

Moonjumper International is the ideal venue for a unique and exciting corporate day out. There is no better way to increase staff morale and build team spirit than to go for a tandem jump over the skies of Northern Ireland with our experienced team.

Securely strapped to your expert tandem instructor, your time will come to do your tandem jump and begin the most exhilarating journey of your life, back to planet Earth.

Why choose Moonjumper for your corporate day out in Northern Ireland?

  1. Team bonding - See colleagues from new angles as they let their hair down on a great company day out.
  2. Reward high Achievers - Reward your highest achievers with the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
  3. Impress your clients - Set your company apart as forward-thinking, visionary, fun and dynamic organization with this alernative form of client entertainment.
  4. Maximise a great PR opportunity - Trade magazines, newspapers and staff newletters love pictures that are visually exciting you can be guaranteed to have some excellent press shots.


Once you've arrived and been welcomed to the Moonjumper centre your experience will begin with a ground briefing covering the equipment, exiting the aircraft, freefall and landing.

After this thorough briefing you'll be taken up in the plane and securely harnessed to your tandem instructor who will take care of everything, allowing you to check out the view and feel the passing air. Here you can savour the immense adrenaline rush of freefall - without the responsibility of deploying the parachute.

Professional cameramen are available to capture your unforgettable moments. This MUST be pre-booked.

Interested? Call 028 7035 6356


We have a dedicated team to help your event run smoothly.

We will help organise and coordinate your event down to the very last detail. Let us know what you want and we will do our very best to make your day a great success.