Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old do I have to be to Skydive?

16 yrs is the minimum age. If you are between 16 and 18 you need written parental consent. All participants are required to bring the tandem student parachutist declaration of fitness form signed and witness on the day. Tandem is 16y rs to 80 yrs.

2. What are the Physical Requirements?

You shouldn't be overweight in relation to your height. Weight limit is approximately 15 stone for males and 13 stones for females\tandem jumps and is 16 stones male and 13 stone for females for ram-air solo.

3. What if the parachute fails to open?

All parachutes have a reserve parachute which means that if one does not work, the other one does. These are inspected and repacked every 6 months by a BPA qualified instructor whether they have been used or not. The reserved parachute seldom has to be used because of the high technology nowadays of the main parachute.

4. How fast do you fall in freefall?

When you leave the aircraft you are moving about 110mph, although you accelerate during the first 10 seconds in belly to earth position to around 140 mph and can reach anything up to 195 mph. Once the parachute opens descent slows you down to around 20 mph. Also modern parachutes allow for softer landings!

5. Can I breathe and talk in freefall?

Yes, you can breathe in freefall although the wind makes it too difficult to talk in freefall. Student instruction includes learning a variety of hand signals for the instructor to communicate with the student. Once the parachute opens tandem passengers are able to talk to their tandem master.

6. I feel scared!

Most people are anxious before their first jump but that feeling is soon replaced by exhilaration once they jump out of the plane!!

7. I am frightened of heights!

Most people are afraid of heights. They experience vertigo if they stand on a high ladder or the edge of a building. This is because they are able to have a feeling of depth. They will not experience the same type of fear from 10,000 feet. It is like racing a motorbike at 100mph, heading towards the wall of a building. You do not experience the same fear if the bike racing at 100mph and the building is 3 miles away!

8. How long will I fall for?

A static line student falls for only about 3 seconds. Tandem students will fall for about 60 seconds. Your canopy ride is approximately 7 minutes for a Ram Air student, for Tandem its up to 10 minutes.

9. Can I buy vouchers?

Yes the options are: Ram Air/SL* solo, Tandem Skydive 10,000 feet*, Irish Wings* 8 jumps *Price on application